Lagrange   Secret of Gentlemen

Substitute for after shave lotion ,skin Lotion , milky Lotion and cream .

Rich amount of grape fermentation extract .  Fullerenes ,Gold Leaf  are used .

apply Lagrange All in One daily in the morning and night time on your skin  , you can see the difference by continuous use .

Complete Personal Care

All in one men's luxurious simple  anti aging skin  care product from Japan .


It contains rich amount of Fullerene a Nobel Peace Prise awarded    in Chemistry . Fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of hollow sphere.

scientific research reported  that Fullerene is  highly effective for anti oxidant  .



Only luxury ingredients and formula are used in order to keep busy men's skin  look younger and  brighter . minimize unwanted odour.


Fullerenes  will be  effective  for anti oxidants  add  freshness , firmness . removes spot from the skin.


Lagrange All in One  is free from parabens ethanol artificial colouring  

only selected   natural fragrances are   used .





Lagrange All in One

Premium quality men's natural beauty product brands

from Tokyo ,Japan .